Private Classes

Work individually on your personal fitness or rehabilitative goals when it is convenient for you.  Reach these goals with the Pilates Philosophy and movement principals. Learn about your body and how to move with correct alignment. Work with the Pilates apparatus, network and/or develop a home practice.  Deepen your sense of body awareness, strength, and flexibility and balance of body and mind. Find a deeper connection to doing the things you love!

A private lesson is catered to the client. Liz Ann meets her clients where they are, in terms of ability and goals of their movement. She is excited about helping others to find new ways to move and create a desire to find their ideal alignment, posture, flexibility, and strength. She teaches the very basics of activating the core and progresses from that point. Learning about your body and understanding how you move from the core are included along the way. The client leaves with a feeling of being taller and more connected to their body, and usually in an uplifted mood!