About Body In Balance Pilates

Body In Balance Pilates is an intimate studio on the south side of Bozeman, Mt. We have three reformers, three wunda chairs, spine correctors, ped-a-pull and all sorts of balls, circles, and rollers to play and learn human movement. Our class size maxes out at 6 people. Privates are offered at your convenience.

The principles on which Pilates and Body in Balance Pilates Studio operate are:

Creating a new awareness of the body and where it is in space.

Inhale and exhale fully. Joe says: “You got to out the air to in the air.” Movement and breath help integrate the body as a whole.

Finding balance left to right, front to back, inside and outside.

Core control comes from the very center axis in the body.

Lengthening or Axial Elongation.
This creates a flexible and aligned body (especially in the spine). It also helps find more range of motion in joints.

Mind and body focused on the movement desired. This will allow you to leave your workout rejuvenated.

“One perfect movement is better than 100 haphazard ones.” Practicing precise movements creates good alignment in your body.

Flowing Motion.
Flowing one movement to the next gives grace and efficiency to your workout and daily movement.