About Pilates

Joseph H. Pilates came from Germany to New York City in the 1920s. He was a boxer and a dancer who studied yoga, karate, and Zen meditation. He developed what he called “controlology” using specialized equipment and a mat. The exercises are designed to stretch and strengthen muscles without adding bulk. They also require concentration and deep, coordinated breath, working the body and the mind. Focusing on the body’s vital energy core, Pilates builds strength and agility in a balanced form.

Our studio equipment includes Reformers, Cadillacs, Wunda Chairs, Barrels, and Ped-a-Pull. Set up on a spring and pulley system, the equipment challenges your body in a way that encourages you to work from your deep inner core. It supports your body as it learns to move more efficiently and can assist or challenge the matwork exercises. Please find more specific information about Pilates at Pilates Method Alliance.