About Liz Ann

  • Certified Pilates Instructor training completed with Polestar Education in 1999.
  • Certified with Ron Fletcher Work Pilates in 2005.
  • Education in Ergonomic Analysis of the Workplace (IMPACC Training).
  • Physical Therapy Assistant licensed in California in good standing 1996-2012.
  • Worked in Pilates with Rehab setting since 1991 as PT Aide, Assistant and Pilates Professional.
  • Body Mechanics Instructor at Health Works Institute, massage school 2000-2003.
  • Original member of Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) Pilates instructor certification.
    • Primal Foundations™ certification in process
    • Primal Pilates WORKS! ™ certification in process
  • Body in Balance Pilates owner and founder since 1999.

Liz Ann Has taught Pilates in Bozeman since 1999 when she founded Body in Balance. Previously, when she lived in her home state of California and worked as a Physical Therapy Assistant, she integrated the Pilates Method. She was introduced to Pilates when training in Physical Therapy and has used Pilates in her personal fitness since 1990.

Liz Ann teaches individual lessons or in small groups, giving individuals a workout tailored to their own fitness levels and goals. She knows the importance of meeting her client where they are right now. Experienced with the rehab of dancers, gymnasts, and those recovering from spinal or orthopedic injuries, she believes in the Pilates Process.

Liz Ann’s travels through movement have covered lots of territory. She has trained under Pilates Masters; Ron Fletcher and Elizabeth Larkam, Mary Bowen, among many others, she was initially certified with Polestar Education and later The Ron Fletcher Work. Liz Ann took the first exam that the Professional organization, The Pilates Method Alliance, administered and was gold certified.

She also has studied Iyengar yoga and Anusara Yoga, and movement disciplines such as Continuum, LABAN/Bartenieff. and the Buteyko Method of Breathing. She has studied and teaches Pilates for golfers, Pilates and pregnancy, and more. After a spinal cord injury, she studied Iyengar Yoga with Matthew Sanford, a paraplegic yoga teacher. All of this is integrated into her teaching.

Liz Ann is additionally trained in energy work that helps the body and energy shift if it is ready to shift. This work is a complement to Pilates and other mind/body work.

Liz Ann has been connected with Pilates for over 25 years. She brings a unique perspective to teaching Pilates and healing movement. She endured a traumatic spinal cord injury in 2008. She is now paralyzed at T5, just below the chest. She is grateful that she had a strong relationship to Pilates when she was injured. It helped her connect to her core in ways the doctors and PT’s did not expect. It has move her forward in her life in many aspects. She guides class and privates from her wheelchair.

For the spinal cord injury classes, she jumps in with the class.

Living life in a wheelchair has given Liz Ann a new perspective on movement, being in one’s body, and body awareness. She can describe movement for students in a deeper way than before her accident. Liz Ann is excited about sharing Pilates with others no matter what their ability. She is developing a new repertoire from that perspective, including different ways to access the core of the body.

Liz Ann helps create a new awareness around the body. She has turned her loss of movement into an asset in terms of her teaching.

Recently, she has studied with and takes private lessons from Absolute Center in Lafayette, California. They work with specific techniques that use Pilates to help people with spinal cord injuries and other nervous system injuries and disease. Pilates is the missing link in working with nervous system injury. Liz Ann uses some of their more refined techniques in her teaching. She believes it is important to get your own private lessons and keep learning order to continue to be a good teacher. Her clients prove to her regularly that; by listening to the body, raising awareness and preforming mindful movement, people can change their movement patterns, creating a body that moves efficiently, effectively and gracefully.

For fun Liz Ann likes to play outside. She cross country skis, swims, handcycles, competes in triathlon, and surfs when in California! She gets into the woods whenever she has an opportunity. She also loves live music and arts.