“It is the mind itself that shapes the body.”

-J. Pilates

Welcome to
Body In Balance Pilates

Based out of Bozeman, Montana, Body in Balance is the practice of Liz Ann Kudrna, whose extensive background, experience and continued education in the field of body work and movement will  build your strength and confident ease of movement  while restoring your vitality!

About Body In Balance



“Liz Ann has taught me how to use my body correctly, I wish I would have started Pilates with her 25 years earlier, before all of my injuries! As  I look back now, I know the injuries I acquired throughout my athletic career resulted from not using the correct muscles in the correct way, resulting in numerous compensatory patterns and chronic pain.  I can happily say my chronic pain has decreased significantly because I have been working with Liz Ann. She is a highly skilled Pilates and movement instructor and great with injury rehabilitation!”


“Doing Pilates with Liz Ann has been wonderful. Most days, work takes so much energy and I end up feeling completely drained, It is amazing to me that after a long day’s work I can drag myself to Body in Balance, work out and feel restored and energized!”


“As a climber, skier, equestrian, and trail runner, I’ve been amazed at how Liz Ann’s Pilates classes have enhanced my efficiency and body awareness. Thanks to Pilates, I have improved my balance and flexibility, in addition to gaining core strength and muscle. In other fitness or wellbeing classes, I often wonder if I’m truly “getting it”, but Liz Ann has an incredibly effective way of explaining the expected and correct sensations using metaphors and clear description.”​

Christine Rogers Stanton​
MSU professor

“I studied with Joe Pilates as a dancer with some injuries which could have sidelined may professional dance career. Instead, I practiced Joe’s Method supplementing my dance techniques for 25 years. I still do the mattwork at home. Since I am 75 years young, that means Pilates has been a part of my like for over 50 years. Thank you, Joe, and you Liz Ann for perpetuating his method.”

Norma Dogget-Bezwick

“Through Pilates with Liz Ann I have learned an expanded sense of awareness of my body which increased my agility, flexibility and balance for tennis, gold and skiing.”

Ken Olson